Uniting Partners … Unreached Peoples

The Bible describes them as the “ends of the earth” or the places where Christ is not yet known.
There are over 3 billion people in the world who remain untouched by the gospel of Jesus. They have no Bible in their language and no church within their culture. The unreached have had no opportunity to know that there is a God who loves them, gave Himself to provide for the forgiveness of their sins and offers hope for eternity.
The UP Global Network is committed to people groups with less that 2% Christian and without a church presence. These are called the “unreached.” UP Global exists to make Jesus known among these unreached people groups. We provide a pathway to the unreached by developing partnerships, providing training, and assisting in development.
A  Focus on Partnerships
UP Global creates partnerships between churches in the West and kingdom workers in strategic locations where unreached people groups exist. We partner with national believers who have a similar language, cultural background, and who are located within the same region. This approach is called the “proximate church” or “near neighbor” strategy. Our purpose is to train these national believers to evangelize, disciple, and plant local churches.
An Emphasis on Discipleship
UP Global exists to help the Church accomplish its greatest mission. When Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all the “people groups” in the world, He gave us our greatest mandate. (Matthew 28:19,20) The foundation of the UP Global Network is discipleship. We disciple North American church leaders. They in turn disciple cross cultural leaders who disciple faithful local leaders who disciple their own people at the grass roots level. Success is a chain of discipling relationships
A Proven Strategy
UP Global is committed to indigenous movements. As a result, we work with national leaders. Our fruit grows on their trees. We recognize the great strength when indigenous leaders evangelize and disciple and give shape to the church within their own people group. We do not want to slow the gospel down by forcing Western methods and structures upon other cultures. Indigenous ways are so important for the free spread of the gospel.
A Commitment to the Unreached
After 2000 years, the church still struggles to develop a working priority on reaching unreached people groups. Less than .5% of the church’s budget is invested in reaching the least reached in our world. UP Global seeks to shift the priority by providing churches strategic partnerships in accomplishing our greatest work and finishing the task Jesus gave us.