2020 UP Global Network
Virtual Annual Partner’s Gathering
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UP GLOBAL 2020 GOAL – $84,300
  • Church leader training in Nepal thru Hope for Nepal – $8,300
    This will fund one training each quarter for rural leaders on how to use ministry to the fatherless to plant churches in unreached areas.
  • Church planting in Nepal thru India Gospel League – $20,000
    This is year 3 of a 5-year strategy of church planting. There have been approximately 100 churches started so far throughout rural Nepal by IGL.
  • Church planting in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia thru BLFP – $5,000
    BLFP continues to reach far into the Omo Valley to the goal of 500 churches and 500 pastors and 5,000 devoted disciples by 2025. There are over 230 church plants to date.
  • Iraq (new field research) – $8,000
    There is an open door for the gospel in Iraq that UP Global is walking through. We hope to find “our place” in working with partners to equip Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians.
  • Myanmar outreach and training – $5,000
    Our partners in Myanmar have an open door to teach the gospel to nominal “Christian” leaders among the Naga and Lahu people groups. The understanding of the gospel and the nature of the Bible and sin and salvation and heaven and hell have been lost. This open door is to revive the church that has lost its way.
  • Trips and travel expenses – $12,000
  • New staff position –$6,000
  • Operating costs (stateside) – $20,000
$25     $50     $75
 $100     $150     $250
$500     $1000     $5000