Introduction to the Key Afar Bible Training Center (KBTC)
The South Omo zone is one of the least developed pastoralist zones of Southern Nations Nationalities Peoples Regional State(SNNPR) It is located in the southwest part of Ethiopia. It is comprised of eight administrative districts and one town administration. There are sixteen indigenous tribes along with other tribes who have migrated in from outside the region. The Omo Valley has been described as a place of “ritual and revenge”.
The Omo Valley is a land rich with natural resources. However,these resources have not been effectivelyutilized by the community. Empowering the indigenous residents by providing spiritual as well as practical skills will be essential to bring about the holistic change that is needed. Key Afer youth training and prayer center is the gold standard vision designed by Arkisha Hamar Kale Hiywot Church liaison office to bring this change into the area.
The priority focus of spiritual training is evangelism and discipleship. By providing such mission focused spiritual training to youths of the Omo Valley we will raise laborers of the harvest. In order to raise committed laborers of the harvest,we must have an organized and fully equipped training and prayer center. Thanks to God we already got the financial support and other related resources through the UP Global Network for the establishment of the facility.
Statement of the Challenge
Most of the tribes of SouthOmo zone are pastoralists and have not yet been reached by the good news of the gospel. Significant shortcomings were encountered by the churches of Omo valley with regard to the accomplishment of the great commission which is commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. The challenges faced by missionaries and evangelists were: cultural resistance, unfavorable settlement of the pastoralist community, hard to reach areas, illiteracy and very low infrastructure development in roads and water supply. It is a tough place to live.
The Establishment of the Training and Prayer Center
The establishment of the KBTC will provide training for young people recruited from the various tribes of the Omo valley, and provide training to the churches in evangelism, Church planting, and disciple-making activities. By doing this; strong partnerships will be created among the churches in Omo valley. The center will serve as the first prayer and devotional center for South Omo Valley not only for Key Afar area. It raises the reliance, trust, and confidence between tribes of Omo valley and thereby decreases the tribal conflict in the long run. It scales up the extent of evangelism, Church planting, and disciple making capacity of the ministers and church leaders in the Omo Valley and this, in turn, inspires the churches for the further achievement of the great commission.
General Objective
  • The overall objective of the project is to achieve the great commission and strengthen mission focused collaboration  between the Churches.
Specific Objectives
  • To facilitate life skill training for youths recruited from different tribes of Omo valley.
  • To create an environment that inspires gatherings of prayer warriors.
  • To facilitate professional skill training on woodworking and metalworking for youths recruited from different tribes of Omo valley.
  • To maximize the involvement of stakeholders in the accomplishment of the great commission and strengthen collaboration between the Churches.
  • As a long-term objective to significantly minimize conflict between tribes of Omo valley.
Ten years ago, a group of indigenous Omo Valley pastors and spiritual leaders met on this spot in Key Afar and began praying for a training center to be located there. Ten years later the center is becoming reality.
In October 2017, we began asking for contributions toward the construction of KBTC. Through the faithfulness of God and your generosity we have seen over $85,000 come in so far. The construction of Phase One is nearing completion and will be ready for training to begin in September of 2018. The spiritual leader and the training center administrator for the training center have been selected and are recruiting the first participants in the program.
An official dedication ceremony is being planned for December 30, 2018. We will see the facility of KBTC dedicated to the furtherance of the gospel and the glory of God.